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Message from the CEO

A history of passion and boldness
A future of growth and prosperity

Despite the challenges thrown at it, GC has pioneered new paths in pharmacology over the last five decades thanks to the strength of its commitment to ensuring the public’s health.

With our new corporate identity, the company is now readying to become a new leader in the global health industry, serving all of humankind.

Yong-Jun Huh/ Executive Vice President

Yong-jun Huh

Yong-jun Huh, appointed Executive VP in 2017, has been training as a professional business executive for years, with his education culminating into an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After completing his MBA, Huh began working for GC Biopharma in various management positions. Appointments as Vice-President at GC China in 2006, Vice President at GC Biopharma in 2010, and the CEO of GC Wellbeing gave him opportunities to hone his management skills. As the head of GC today, Executive VP Huh is developing a mid- to long-term growth strategy for the company and its affiliates.


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