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Boldness and passion
The path GC Biopharma has taken.

Boldness to Rise to Every New Challenge is Behind
Every Important Turn in GC Biopharma’s History.

GC Biopharma, which has consolidated its leadership of the Korean healthcare market with innumerable records of being first and best, continues to dream up a healthy future for all peoples worldwide. Always open to the voices of patients and rooting for dreams of a healthier, happier future, through unceasing R&D, GC Biopharma continues to produce innovative health solutions.

2010 to Present

  • 2022GCGenome awarded Good Clinical Laboratory Practice(GCLP) status
  • 2022GC - GCCell acquires BioCentriq in US
  • 2021GCWellbeing completes contruction on innovation plant in Eumseong, Chungbuk
  • 2021GCLabCell / GCCell merges together under integrated company GCCell
  • 2021GCLabCell joins hands with Artiva MSD to export X trillion-sized CAR-NK technology
  • 2021GCBioPharma obtains product license
    for the world’s first severe Hunter syndrome treatment [Hunterase ICV] in Japan,
    and for a recombinant treatment for hemophilia [Greengene F] in China
  • 2020Established GreenVet
  • 2020GCLabs designated as the first in vitro
    diagnostic medical device clinical performance testing institution in Korea
  • 2020GCBioPharma obtains product license for [Barycela],
    a next generation varicella vaccine
  • 2020GCBioPharma obtains first product license in China for [Hunterase]
    to treat Hunter Syndrome
  • 2019GCWellbeing successfully completes IPO
  • 2019Establishment of GCCL
  • 2018GCBioPharma receives <200 Million USD Export Tower> Award
  • 2018GCCell completes Cell Center
  • 2017Establishement of Curevo
  • 2017GCGenome acquires CAP certification
  • 2016GCBioPharma's GCFLU Quadrivalent becomes second in the world
    to pass WHO prequalification
  • 2016GCBioPharma obtains product license of [GC TD Vaccine],
    Korea’s first DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus) vaccine
  • 2016GCCell successfully completes IPO
  • 2015GCMS acquires CeragemMedisys (GCMedis) and begins operations
    on diabetes business
  • 2015GC Labs awarded <2015 Korea ICT Innovation> Grand Prize by Minister of Science,
    ICT and Future Planning
  • 2015GCBioPharma becomes fourth company in the world to obtain product license
    for quadrivalent seasonal flu vaccine [GCFLU Quadrivalent]
  • 2015GCBioPharma becomes first company in Korea to obtain product license
    for H5N1 (avian flu) vaccine [GCFLU H5N1]
  • 2014GCMS successfully completes IPO
  • 2014GCMS becomes first company
    in the world to obtain product license
    for multiple diagnosis influenza diagnostic kit
  • 2014GCBioPharma surpasses over over 100 million doses of GCFLU production
  • 2014GCBioPharma receives <100 Million USD Export Tower> Award
  • 2013Established GCGenome
  • 2013GCMS merges with Gambro Korea Solution, begins hemodialysis business
  • 2013GCBioPharma begins construction
    on blood plasma fractionation plant
    in Thailand (with Thai Red Cross)
  • 2013Completion of GC R&D Center, the largest scale R&D center
    among pharmaceutical industry in Korea
  • 2012GCBioPharma becomes second company
    in the world to obtain product license
    for Hunter syndrome treatment [Hunterase]
  • 2012GCCell established as a result of acquiring Innocell
  • 2011Established GCLabCell
  • 2011GCBioPharma obtaines product license for natural medicine osteoarthritis treatment [Sinbaro]

2000 ~ 2010

  • 2009GCBioPharma completes construction
    of Korea's first vaccine-exclusive Hwasun plant
  • 2009GCBioPharma obtaines product license
    for H1N1 influenza vaccine [GREEN FLU]
    and Korea’s first trivalent flu vaccine [GCFLU]
  • 2009GCBioPharma completes construction of Ochang plant,
    a state-of-the-art blood product and
    gene recombination production facility
  • 2008GCBioPharma becomes fourth company in the world
    to obtain product license
    for recombinant hemophilia-A treatment (GreenGene)
  • 2007Established GCInvacfarm
  • 2006GCMS acquires product license
    for magnetic diagnostic reagent
    for the first time in Korea
  • 2005GCWellbeing obtaines product license
    for placenta injection [Laennec]
  • 2004Established GCWellbeing
  • 2003Established GSMS
  • 2001GCBioPharma acquires Sang-A Pharmaceuticals
  • 2000Completes construction
    of Jeongseong Green Cross Pharmaceutical Center and plant

Passion and Promise for a Healthier Life

GC Biopharma has been working hard to become more than a pharmaceutical company, and make itself a leader of the healthcare industry that realizes the promise of a healthier, happier life for all, based on respect for life and dedication

1990 ~ 1999

  • 1995Established GCChina, Anhui Green Cross Bio Products Limited
    in China Completion of vaccine plant in Indonesia
  • 1993Becomes second company
    in the world to obtain product license
    for varicella vaccine [Suduvax]
  • 1990Launched Green Friends Association
  • 1990Mogam Science Scholarship Foundation achieves product license
    for AIDS diagnostic reagent

1980 ~ 1989

  • 1989GCBioPharma successfully completes IPO
  • 1988Becomes first pharmaceutical company
    in the world to obtain product license
    for vaccine against hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome [Hantavax]
  • 1983Becomes third pharmaceutical company
    in the world to obtain product license
    for hepatitis-B vaccine [Hepavax-B]
  • 1982Established GCLabs, obtains product license for IVIG [I.V.-Globulin]

1960 ~ 1979

  • 1974Obtains product license for anti-hemophilic factor [AHF]
  • 1973Obtains product license for Korea’s first stroke treatment [Urokinase]
  • 1971Name change to Green Cross BioPharma Incorporated Completion
    of first blood plasma fractionation plant
  • 1968Completion of Singal plant
  • 1967Established as Sudo Microorganism Medical Supplies Company

GC Biopharma Owes Its Achievements to Its Past as Green Cross

GC Biopharma’s reputation and achievements today did not come about overnight. They can be credited to the passion and dedication of each and every single person who has worked for the company and ensured its growth over the past half century. GC Biopharma has the world’s trust today thanks to the hard work and discipline of everyone, from researchers to sales representatives.

Plasma fractionation plant
copperplate and ashtray

A copperplate presented as a gift by Cutter, an American company,
upon completion of the construction of Korea’s plasma fractionation plant,
and an accompanying memorial ashtray.


Contains newspaper articles about the company and its achievements in a time before the Internet and smartphones.

1st Green Cross
Captain Award and Medal

Green Cross Awards were instituted to award executives and employees who made major
contributions to the company’s growth.

Business plan and experiment logs

A handwritten business plan and handwritten experiment logs.

Employee card

The vivid inscription below the black-and-white photo reads: “Green Cross Family.”


A Urokinase pamphlet used by the company’s sales representatives.


A notepad containing countless ideas and minutes of meetings that have made Green Cross what it is today.

Pay envelope

An envelope that contained wages for employees, and a breakdown of what was paid.


A urinal to gather urine, the raw material for Urokinase, a thrombolytic agent.


GC녹십자는 이메일 수집을 거부합니다

본 웹사이트에 게시된 이메일 주소가 전자우편 수집 프로그램이나
그 밖의 기술적 장치를 이용하여 무단으로 이메일 주소를 수집하는 행위를 거부하며,
이를 위반시 정보통신망 이용촉진 및 정보보호 등에 관한 법률에 의해 형사처벌됨을
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