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Message from the Chairman

GC Biopharma
Trailblazing unexplored paths
That others dare not go

At GC Biopharma, we have never flinched from blazing new roads that require a pioneering spirit.
Over the last half century, GC Biopharma has followed the solitary path toward researching and developing pharmaceutical products difficult to develop, but necessary to protect life. We have a self-given mission of ushering in a society where no one is alienated by illness from the prospects of a happy life, and continue to persevere against all challenges. As a result, we have become a leading biotech company that is garnering growing attention from around the world. This is what we have achieved with uncompromising dedication.

We are now ready to embark upon a new journey, again exploring paths where others have not dared.
Our dreams are big, and we intend to realize them on the international stage. With our new vision of ushering in a healthier life for all humankind and becoming a global leader in the health industry, we are transforming ourselves into a global provider of comprehensive healthcare encompassing disease prevention, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health supplements, and healthcare services, as we write a new chapter of our history.

The new corporate identity and symbols we have introduced in celebration of the 50th anniversary of our foundation speaks to our commitment to the new vision. From now on, GC will stand for not only Green Cross, but also Great Challenge, Great Commitment and Great Company. It embodies our resolution to build another half-century of great innovations and achievements based on our record over the past 50 years. Our journey toward greatness thus begins now.

Il-sup Huh

Chairman & CEO

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게시일: 2003년 9월 1일