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Message from the CEO

Great Commitment
Great Challenge
Great Company

Our 50-year history has been filled with challenges and commitment. We have persevered over the years with singlehearted dedication toward pain-free, happy lives for all. We have pioneered, and zealously guard our expertise on, plasma and vaccine products. We have insisted on walking only the right paths. We have dealt with every challenge thrown at us with an uncompromising dedication to our mission.

The power of our five decades of existence is what catapults us into the new and global future. We are the No. 1 provider of varicella and seasonal flu vaccines for international organizations.
In the meantime, we have been strengthening and innovating our R&D pipeline.

Our passion, which has kept us going over the years, has prepared us for unrelenting transformation for the next century down the road. Our new website attests to the pride we take in our history, and provides a glimpse into the future we envision for the next five decades.

CEO Eun-chul huh

Eun-chul HuhCEO, GC Biopharma

After obtaining a doctorate in Food Science and Technology from Cornell University, President & CEO Eun-chul Huh began to work At the GC Biopharma R&D Planning Office and Mogam Institute for Biomedical Research. He was able to further augment his experience and expertise in R&D after being appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in 2009. Serving as the Director of the Planning and Coordination Office, overseeing sales, production, and R&D, strengthened his management skills. Since becoming the CEO in 2015, Huh has overseen steady growth in domestic and international sales revenues, and increased strategic investment and R&D capabilities.

Head of Domestic Sales, GC Biopharma LIM SEUNGHO

Hyun NamkoongHead of Domestic Sales, GC Biopharma

Senior Managing Director Nam Gung Hyeon is an expert in pharmaceutical commerce and has extensive experience in marketing and sales that she gained from working with a diverse range of pharmaceutical and consumer goods companies. After receiving her BS from Ewha Womans University’s Department of Pharmacy, Senior Managing Director Nam Gung Hyeon served as a marketing product manager at AstraZeneca Korea. During her time at AstraZeneca Korea, she also earned her MBA from Korea University. Nam joined GC Biopharma in January 2018 as Director of Marketing, drawing on her prior work experiences as a brand manager and head of sales, and continues to promote sales growth and increase GC Biopharma’s brand value.

Head of Production, GC Biopharma LIM SEUNGHO

Seung-ho LimHead of Production, GC Biopharma

Head of Production Lim Seung-ho is a seasoned and highly-qualified expert on product quality and productivity enhancement. Lim received his BS and MS in microbiology from Pusan National University and is a certified plant manager and production management instructor. Lim previously worked at Daesang, where he was responsible for product manufacturing and quality improvement, and CJ Cheiljedang, where he successively served as the manager of a bio-plant, was responsible for various projects conducted in Southeast Asia, and was the head of production. Lim joined GC Biopharma in July 2020 as Head of Production and continues to play a key role in streamlining production processes and improving the plant management system.


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