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Searching where help is needed,
Promoting a culture of
Care and sharing.

GC Biopharma Social Volunteers Corps

In 2004, GC Biopharma launched the Social Volunteers Corps (SVC) to represent its Care and Compassion core values. With over 100 teams across various locations of GC Biopharma’s operations, the Corps, leads company efforts to promote charitable endeavors. The SVC will continue encouraging employees, executives, and their families to participate in charity work that helps nurture and invigorate local communities.

  1. The GC Biopharma SVC has a systematic organization consisting of teams of volunteers active in different regions throughout Korea.
  2. The GC Biopharma SVC Members are actively engaged in various charity activities through which they share their talents.
  3. The GC Biopharma SVC encourages GC Biopharma employees, executives, and their families to participate in charity work.

Representative photo of the Social Service Group of the GCPharma

GC Biopharma SVC

  • Mogam Institute

  • Ochang Plant

  • Eumseong Plant

  • Hwasun Plant

  • Local branches

Each team plans and organizes charity activities designed for their respective communities.

ActivitiesA Dispersed, Yet United, Commitment to Charity Work throughout Korea

  • Blood Donation DrivesActively raising awareness of the need to visit local public blood donation banks and donating to the blood stocks being rapidly depleted.
  • Support for Local Poor Children CampaignVolunteers take children from at-risk homes to theaters, museums, art galleries, etc. and help them engage in entertaining and cultural activities.
  • Local Cultural Heritage Protection CampaignVolunteers regularly participate in projects for restoring, maintaining and renovating local cultural properties.
  • Disability Awareness CampaignVolunteers participate in visual and physical impairment programs to get hands-on experience with these disabilities, and visit local social enterprises hiring employees with disabilities to help them with management and operations.
  • Talent DonationSVC organizes a variety of activities through which volunteers can share their talents, such as the GC Biopharma Choir.
  • Charity campaigns with affiliated companiesVarious charity projects are carried out with suitable affiliated companies, such as medical care for rural communities (GC i-Med), housing repair and renovation (GCEM), and career counseling (Mogam Institute for Biomedical Research).

Charity Day with GC Biopharma Families

GC Biopharma has organized an event since 2009; Charity Day provides opportunities for employees and executives to engage in charity activities with their children and experience meaningful family time together. Nearly 100 employees, executives, and their families participate each year in helping those in need through diverse partner organizations.


  • VenuesEumseong Kkotdongne Village, Hongbok Seniors’ Home, Haedeunsol, Hyojeong Vision Town, Yongin Community Welfare Center, YoeLeoSi Together, Yongin City Giheung Welfare Center for the Disabled
  • ParticipantsNearly 100 on average each year (including GC Biopharma employees and families)
  • Description
    • Helping at facilities catering to the needy (washing bedsheets, cutting hair, assisting with bathing, housing repair, etc.), Spending time with seniors living alone (talking, providing massages, organizing music and language therapy programs, etc.)
    • Supporting fundraising projects for welfare facilities (producing baked goods), Helping struggling households with repair (re-doing wallpaper and flooring, setting up mosquito nets, organizing community events, etc.)
    • Making kimchi in summer and winter and sharing it with the needy, Cooking side dishes and delivering them to seniors living alone, Providing medical support (on visits to seniors’ centers, checking blood pressure, bone density, etc.)
    • Putting together charity boxes for households with disabled members (containing handwritten letters, daily essentials, diffusers, soap bars, etc.), Making do-it-yourself furniture with people with disabilities, Delivering lunchboxes, etc.

Volunteering Work for New GC Biopharma Employees

GC Biopharma organizes volunteering opportunities for new employees to help them understand and practice the culture of charity at the company’s foundation. In partnership with a nonprofit foundation, YoeLeoSi Together, and a home for the intellectually challenged, Haedeunsol, GC Biopharma’s new employees continue to volunteer every year.


  • VenuesYoeLeoSi Together (nonprofit foundation), Haedeunsol (home for the intellectually challenged)
  • DescriptionRunning food stands for seniors living alone, baking and delivering baked goods for local needy residents, repairing and improving living conditions for intellectually challenged tenants, etc.


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