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Financial Charity

Leading growth of a healthy
Happy and sustainable,
Culture of charity throughout Korea.

GC Pharma Matching Grants

In an effort to ensure continued support for people in need of help in local communities, GC Pharma introduced this matching grant program in 2008.
The program represents the company and its members’ aspiration toward becoming a leader in charitable work in Korea.


Under this program, GC Pharma matches the financial assistance provided by other organizations for disadvantaged and underprivileged groups, including seniors living in isolation and children without parents. GC Pharma has partnered with Yongin Community Welfare Center, Community Chest of Korea, Child Fund Korea, and other nonprofit organizations and local governments to identify and support seniors and low-income households in need of help.

GC Pharma’s executives and employees also visit households on support under the matching grant program, helping them with repairs and maintenance and drawing them to reconnect with local communities.

Matching partners

  • Donation placeYongin Community Welfare Center, Community Chest of Korea (Chungbuk and Jeonnam Chapters), Child Fund Korea, and a dozen or so other organizations

Financial statistics

  • Average amount of donation per monthKRW 27 million (average)
  • Total (April 2008 ~ May 2021)KRW 4.7 billion

Selection process

GC Pharma works with nonprofit organizations and local governments to
identify seniors and low-income households to receive matching grants.

Target groups

Children in low-income households, seniors, etc.


  • The program underpins the culture of voluntary charity in GC Pharma.
  • It has ensured the sustainability of charity for the poor through one-on-one matching.

GC Pharma Charity Bazaar

The Charity Bazaar, which GC Pharma first organized in 1992 in an effort to raise funds, however meager, to help the needy, has since become one of the leading social contribution programs of the company. The secondhand goods donated by executives and employees are sold, after which the proceeds go toward helping people.


  • The bazaar not only helps to raise funds necessary for charity work, but also promotes reuse.
  • The bazaar also features various food stands and a lottery event, adding to the fun and excitement for participants.
  • Since first raising a modest sum of KRW 850,000 from the first bazaar, GC Pharma has raised over KRW 600 million so far, which has gone toward restoring hope for people in need.
  • The company uses the funds raised to support partner nonprofit organizations affiliated with the Social Volunteers Corps, and provide substantial financial assistance for seniors living in isolation, migrant workers, North Korean defectors, and children without parents.


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