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Green-VIII inj
Green-VIII inj
Green-VIII inj

Plasma Derivatives

Green-VIII inj

For the treatment of Hemophilia A with supplies of blood coagulation factor VIII.
Description &
Human coagulation factor VIII
· Green-VIII inj. is a highly purified concentrate of human antihemophilic factor VIII prepared from the pooled plasma of healthy donors. It is a colorless or lemon yellow solution when reconstituted with water for injection. It is purified and concentrated from blood through ion exchange chromatography, and the manufacturing process is accomplished to inactivate infectious viruses such as HIV, HBV, and HCV using TNBP & TWEEN 80 and Heat Treatment, etc. All reagents used during the manufacturing process do not remain in the finished product after purification.
Each 1 vial (250 IU) contains
· Antihemophilic factor VIII ------------ 250 IU
· Sodium citrate ------------------------- 29.4 mg
· Calcium chloride -----------------------1.5 mg
· Glycine ---------------------- 90.0 mg
· Sodium chloride ---------------------- 117.0 mg

Each 1 vial (500 IU) contains
· Human blood coagulation factor VIII ----500 I.U.
· Sodium citrate ---------------- 58.8 mg
· Calcium chloride --------------- 3.0 mg
· Glycine -------------------- 180.0 mg
· Sodium chloride --------------- 234.0 mg
· For the treatment of hemophilia A with supplies of blood coagulation factor VIII.
· After reconstitution, inject 250 - 2,000 IU intravenously or by drip-infusion.
· Infusion rate should not exceed 5 mL/min.
· Each dose is determined according to the recipient’s condition.
Quantity per pack
· 250 IU/vial
· 500 IU/vial
· Store at or below 2~8 ℃ in hermetic container. 
· Shelf life: 30 months from the date of manufacture
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Last update 29 Mar 2017