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Albumin inj.-GCC
Albumin inj.-GCC
Albumin inj.-GCC

Plasma Derivatives

Albumin inj.-GCC

Hypoalbuminemia drug
Description &
Human albumin solution 
& Yellow to yellowish transparent liquid formulation 
· A 20% solution of purified human serum albumin manufactured from normal plasma by cold ethanol blood fractionation.
· After purification, stabilization and passage twice through a sterilizing filter, the solution is heated at 60 ℃ for 10 hours. This heat treatment completely destroys the causative agents such as the hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and so on. There are no known cases of viral diseases which have resulted from administration. Albumin inj. 20%-GCC contains no preservatives and is free from plasma proteins associated with the blood clotting mechanism and blood group antibodies.
100 mL/vial contains
· Normal human serum albumin ---------- 20 g
· For hypoalbuminemia and shock in acute hemorrhage from loss of albumin (burns, nephrotic syndrome, etc.) and low synthesis of albumin (hepatic cirrhosis, etc.)
· 50 mL/vial x In-house packing unit
· 100 mL/vial x In-house packing unit
Quantity per pack
· 20% 50 mL/vial
· 20% 100 mL/vial
· 5% 100 mL/vial
· 5% 250 mL/vial
· Store at or below 30 ℃ without freezing in hermetic container.
· Shelf life: 39 months
Precaution for use
· For administration precautions, please click the Download Manual button.

Last update 29 Mar 2017