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Consent to GC Pharma's Collection and Use of Personal Information

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Consent to Green Cross' Collection and Use of Personal Information

1. Purposes

Green Cross (hereinafter GC) collects and uses personal information from its customers and webpage users (hereinafter collectively "customers"). GC does not use any of the personal information it collects for purposes other than the ones stated herein. GC will inform customers of any changes made to the purposes or other details of information it uses and obtain their consent before implementing such changes. The purposes for which GC collects personal information are:

1) Processing customer requests/queries and confirming their identities;
2) Checking details of customer requests, contacting them to confirm facts, and informing them of the outcomes of their requests.

2. Types & Details of Information Collected

GC collects only the minimum necessary amount of personal information, subject to customer consent. The types of information it collects and the details include the names, mobile phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and occupations of customers.

3. Handling & Retention of Personal Information

GC destroys and disposes of, without delay, any personal information it collects from customers via its website once the online services for which such information was collected are provided and completed.
Other types of personal information collected are destroyed and disposed of:
1) Upon completion of the handling of the customer's requests or complaints;
2) Upon completion of consultations provided to the customer; and
3) Upon completion of an investigation that concerns alleged violations of the law or other such matters.

Consent to the Handling of Personal Information by a Third Party

1. Details

1) Green Cross (hereinafter "GC") commissions the handling of personal information collected via its website (www.greencross.co.kr) to third parties, subject to consent from the providers of the information and as required by the applicable provisions of law, i.e., Articles 17 and 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
2) The types and details of personal information GC provides for third parties are as follows:

- Details: date of birth, mobile phone number(s), name, e-mail address(es), and occupation(s)
- Channel of information collection: GC website
- Third-party recipients: Green Cross MS, Green Cross EM, Green Cross Wellbeing, Green Cross Healthcare, Green Cross Lab Cell, Green Cross Cell, and Green Cross Genome
- Purpose: To respond to customer feedback and queries and handle other such requests
- Retention period: Customer personal information provided by GC to third-party recipients will be immediately destroyed and disposed of upon fulfillment of the purpose(s) for which the information was shared.

This policy is effective as of January 1, 2013.