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As a global leader of the healthcare industry,
GC Pharma is committed to its belief that “the core of a corporation is its people.”
An individual who never stops striving for excellence
  • Dedication to always doing one’s personal best in order to achieve excellence in one’s work
  • Tireless desire to achieve the highest possible goal with a “can-do” spirit
  • Honesty, perseverance, willingness, the courage to take risks, future-oriented mindset
  • Pioneering spirit that rejects outdated values and creates new ones that focus on change
  • Willingness to take on challenges and overcome any difficulty
  • Ambition
An individual with good judgement and abilities that are well-adapted to today’s international environment
  • High level of expertise in one’s area of work
  • Foreign language proficiency and understanding of international affairs
  • Flexible way of thinking that offers insight into diverse global cultures
  • Manners and etiquette
An individual who fulfills his or her responsibilities as a member of society
  • Desire to accurately perceive customers’ demands and provide quality customer service
  • Morality and civic responsibility
  • Respect and consideration for others based on a spirit of philanthropy
  • Warmth of heart and strong ethical awareness
  • Honesty and fairness
  • Community spirit
  • Consideration for the socially vulnerable groups

The HRM policy at GC Pharma is
designed to inspire trust, pride,
and a sense of fulfillment in our employees.

Evaluation & Rewards

Diverse opportunities for growth and job satisfaction
GC Pharma provides a variety of opportunities for employees to develop and enhance their capabilities. The company assigns personnel to the most suitable positions and provides them with the support they need to assist their growth and maximize satisfaction with their work.
Reasonable, fair evaluations and rewards
Company evaluations of employee capabilities and performance are reasonable and objective, and are used to determine the forthcoming rewards and benefits.
A workplace that promotes stability and balance
GC Pharma works to ensure that all individual employees earn stable incomes and realize a healthy balance between work and the rest of life.

GC Pharma does its part to help its employees
and their families lead fulfilling lives.

Employee Welfare & Benefits

Family-friendly benefits
  • scholarships for employee children
  • use of the company wedding hall
  • open-house events (activities for employee families on Children’s Day)
  • gifts for wedding anniversaries and birth of employee children
  • gifts on national holidays (Lunar New Year’s Day and Korean Thanksgiving)
  • gifts on Workers’ Day
  • assistance with funerals
Financial support
  • Loans for home purchase/lease
  • stock options association
  • internal welfare fund
  • special congratulatory/
    condolence allowances for personal/family events
  • shuttle transportation
  • food court
Recreation and leisure
  • special discounts on resort facilities
  • cultural and artistic events (orchestras and pop concerts, etc.)
  • financial support for employee hobby clubs
  • weekend farming
  • free vaccinations
  • an array of benefits for both employees and their families
  • including physical examinations and discounts on anti-cancer drugs
  • GC i-MED physical examinations
  • cord blood bank services

The GC Pharma HRD system is designed to produce global competence, ethics, and an orientation towards performance

Leadership Training
Opportunities and resources to promote boldness, creativity and leadership skills in our employees in their respective fields and positions as they hone the skills required for their jobs and that align with the company’s vision, core values, and philosophy of management.
Occupational Training
Specialized training, both on company premises and off, to instill and enhance the knowledge and skills required in employees and to create expertise in sales, production, R&D, management and other fields.
Personal Skill-enhancement
GC Pharma supports efforts for self-development by providing individual employees with a wide range of educational and training programs on topics such as the latest management and economic trends, through online learning and “open” college courses.
Core Employee Training
The company identifies exemplary and talented employees in each department and provides them with on- and off-premise education on theories and cases of management and problem-solving, and also offers assistance with graduate studies, whether domestic or abroad.
Global Education & Training
With development of leadership and global competence in the healthcare industry in mind, GC Pharma provides employees in specific departments with a variety of on- and offline courses in language learning and cultural adaptation.

Welcome to
GC Pharma's rectuting page.

GC Pharma is a global pioneer in healthcare, helping people lead healthier lives. We welcome applicants from all over the world and with a variety of backgrounds. Upload your resume if you think you’re ready to put your skills and dedication into working for one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

You will be contacted via email at the address provided on your resume when the opportunity comes for us to employ someone with your strengths and experience. If you agree, we will then begin the recruiting process. The HR database below grants you the opportunity to be part of GC Pharma.

Thank you.

HR Database System
This allows us to scan applicant resumes for matches with our human resource needs.
How to upload your resume
  1. 1. Click on "Register" at the bottom
  2. 2. Consent to the disclosure of your personal data
  3. 3. Send your resume and other relevant documents via email
Consent to the disclosure of your personal data
Information on the Collection and Use of Personal Information
Information on the Outsourcing of the Handling of Personal Information

Consent to the disclosure of your personal data

1. The personal data that you have provided will be protected by the highest standards in information security in accordance with our privacy policy.
2. Your personal data will be used for no other purposes except as needed during the hiring process, should a job
opportunity arise for you. You agree that you will not take action against our use of your personal data for recruiting purposes.

Information on the Collection and Use of Personal Information

GC Pharma Corporation (hereinafter, "the Company") and its affiliated companies place great importance on the personal information of all applicants, and complies with all privacy regulations under applicable laws, including the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc, and the Personal Information Protection Act, and strives to protect personal information provided by applicants through our privacy policy in accordance with applicable laws.

1. Items of Personal Information
1.1 Collection of Personal Information and Users
The application you submit via this recruiting page shall be received and managed by the Company to which you submit your application, who shall be responsible for its management.
1.2 Items to be Collected
Name, contact information, address, email address, and other personal information the applicant provides for the recruiting process.
1.3 Method for Collecting Personal Information: Website

2. Purposes for Processing Personal Information
The Company processes personal information for the following purposes and it shall not be used for other purposes. In the event that these purposes for processing personal information change, the Company shall take necessary action, including obtaining separate consent from the applicant in accordance with applicable laws.
2.1 Administrative Processing such as Execution of the Recruiting/Screening Process and Notification of Screening Results by Step

3. Processing and Retention Period for Personal Information
3.1 Personal Information of Accepted Applicants
- Items to be kept: Same as those specified in Section 1.2 hereof
- Retention period: Until an employment contract is signed
- Reasons for retention: Manpower management, processing of matters related to employee welfare such as the four main employee insurance programs, other HR management
3.2 Personal Information of Unsuccessful Applicants
- Items to be kept: Same as those specified in Article 1.2 hereof
- Retention period: Five (5) years from the date of application
- Reasons for retention: Management of prospective employees

Information on Outsourcing of Personal Information Handling

1. Outsourcing of Personal Information Handling
The Company outsources the handling of all personal information, as noted below, to provide services requested by applicants.

Service provider Outsourced services
Green Cross Holdings Corporation Employee data management and consigned management matters