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The challenge to rise to new challenges and a commitment to innovation form the bedrock of growth at GC Pharma.

GC Pharma has been a pioneer in biomedicine in S.Korea over the last five decades through its development of innovative plasma-derived products, vaccines, and a host of other pharmaceuticals at a time when such modern medicines were hardly known in the country. Based on this venturesome spirit, GC Pharma is now preparing to enter the North American market, by far the world’s largest for plasma-derived products, through its recent establishment of a new plasma fractionation plant in Canada and by seeking approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the company’s immunoglobulin, IVIG-SN. GC Pharma continues to harness its extensive expertise with antibody proteins, immunology, and hematology to develop innovative pharmaceutical products, such as a next-generation cure for hemophilia and cancer immunotherapy.

Form the backbone of
GC Pharma

Upholding the principles of care and compassion, GC Pharma continues to develop and provide a variety of support mechanisms for patients who otherwise would be unable to get treatment, including the development of cures for rare diseases. GC Pharma has not only developed innovative drugs to treat hemophilia and Hunter syndrome, but has also set up the S.Korea Hemophilia Foundation to ensure effective treatment and better quality-of-life care for patients with hemophilia. Company employees and executives regularly participate in volunteer work, charity events, fundraising, and blood drives.

GC Pharma has continued on a path of integrity.

Ever since its establishment, GC Pharma has stood for fairness and integrity, always pursuing what is right over short-term gains. These principles continue to guide and shape the company’s practices of ethical and legal management and motivate it to fulfill its legal and social responsibilities.

The mission at GC Pharma starts with respect for life.

The supreme value that guides all endeavors at GC Pharma is a respect for life. It was this principle that inspired the company to set up the first nonprofit research foundation in Korea, the Mogam Biotechnology Institute, and establish the Korea Hemophilia Foundation to improve the treatment of patients with hemophilia. In addition to sharing its gains with society as a whole, GC Pharma puts respect into practice for all stakeholders—patients, employees, investors, and local communities alike—something it has done throughout its history. The company will continue to fulfill its economic, environmental, and social responsibilities.